Sewn Open Mouth with gussets - SOM-G

This is the simplest form of multiwall paper sacks and one which may be directly compared with the traditional jute and cotton sacks that have been used for many centuries to pack granular and powdered products. Sewn Open mouth sacks can be constructed from either gusseted or flat tubes which are cut to sack length and sewn shut across one end at the sack factory. Paper tape is folded over the sack end and bottom is sewn by means of filler strip. After the bag is filled, the other end is closed in similar way.

By having gussets inserted at the side of the sacks, the user is ensured of rectangular block shape after filling.

There are certain considerations that may dictate the use of these sacks as, for instance, it is possible to insert kraft paper sewn open mouth sack into a polypropylene bag.

Sewn Open Mouth sacks are ideal solution for packing of powdered and granular commodities such as chemicals, food, animal feeds, fertilizers, etc.

*can be with or without handle


Flat Width x Gusset width x Flat Length (b x e x a )