Global-D was established in 1996 in Istanbul by a group of experts in the Paper, and Packaging Industry. In an effort to supply kraft paper, and packaging materials both locally and internationally.

Thanks to our 15 years of business experience in the paper and packaging sector, Global-D has acquired a large network of local representatives from Europe, and the Middle East to remote corners of the African continent. We take this opportunity to market our products to more than 14 different countries on the globe and achieved excellent track records.

Turkey has always functioned as a trade link between East and West. With 2 manufacturing facilities in Turkey, and having a 200 million multi-wall sack production capacity, Global-D supplies multi-wall sacks for all purposes. Products mainly comprise industrial sacks for building materials, chemicals, food, and compost.

Our primary goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction with Global-D. We continually strive to maintain your trust by providing innovative packaging solutions, consistent product quality and out-standing customer service.